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Caring For Yours Like They're Ours with Onēva Concierge Care

o-nē-va |\ ’ē-vah
  1. an ecosystem of trust, compassion, and care
  2. a trusted in-home care services platform offered as a wellness benefit
  1. to apply trusted care resources to resolve everyday life challenges
  2. He Onēvaed his housekeeping so his family could celebrate Mom′s birthday at home.

The Onēva Concierge Care technology platform

delivers trusted, personalized, in-home care as an employer-provided benefit.

Services currently available:

  • - Infant, child, adult, and elder care,
  • - Special needs, and overnight care,
  • - Driving kids to and from school, tutors, and sports,
  • - Running errands, cooking, cleaning, and laundry for adults,
  • - Driving elders to appointments, friends, and shopping,
  • - Housekeeping and
  • - Massage

Companies seeking to attract and retain talent, and who value employee work-life balance, data protection, privacy, and diversity/inclusion, should click to learn more.

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